Building New York: Leon Kroll

Artist: Leon Kroll

A cityscape with construction work in the foreground.

Source File: Here : 3200 × 2841 pixels.

PD Proof : In Catalogue of the annual exhibition: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Comment: Great for some American novel set in the early years of New York, or possibly any work about a large city. It’s quite a high resolution picture, so small details could also work.


Bridge, Blackwell’s Island – George Wesley Bellows

Artist: George Wesley Bellows

A steam boat pushes through the water, about to pass under a large iron bridge. In the middle distance are many buildings. At the right, onlookers watch the boat.

Source File: Here : 6523 x 4801 pixels.

PD Proof : In Masterpieces of American Painting p.35

Comment: Good for some American novel based in a city with a river. This is a wide, high-resolution file, could be cropped many ways.

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