The Girl I Left Behind Me: Eastman Johnson

Artist: Eastman Johnson

A young girl stands on a promontory, her hair streaming in the wind. The path before her ends, so she must either retrace her steps or try to find a different way forward.

Source File: Here : 2497 x 3000 pixels.

PD Proof : Dedicated to the public domain by the museum

Comment: Could be good for some children’s work with a strong female lead, or a suspense novel with a young woman character.


The Magician’s Doorway: Briton Rivière

Artist: Briton Rivière

Two leopards prowl outside the opening to a darkened temple.

Source File: Here : 638 x 444 pixels.

PD Proof : In Catalog of the Berlin Photography Company 1910

Comment: Some mysterious or mythological work?

The source is quite low resolution. Here is a link to a version scaled up to 2100 high by Topaz Gigapixel.