Her Mother’s Voice: William Quiller Orchardson


Artist: William Quiller Orchardson

An older man broods at the left of the painting as he listens to his daughter play and sing at the right.

Source File: Here : 1130 x 776 pixels.

PD Proof : In Catalog of the Berlin Photography Company 1910

Comment: The painting is too wide to use it all, but the figure at left and the figures at right could each work as individual covers.


Orchardson, William Quiller; Her Mother’s Voice; Tate; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/her-mothers-voice-201149

A Prior Attachment – Marcus Stone

Artist: Marcus Stone

A man and woman in 18th Century clothes are in a garden. The woman is seated on a garden bench, staring towards us. The man leans, disconsolate, head on hand.

Source File: Here : 1400 x 3000 pixels.

PD Proof : In The Life and Art of Marcus Stone (frontispiece)

Comment: the original is very heavily saturated in colour. In my opinion it needs to be toned down quite a lot.

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