All Hands to the Pumps – Henry Scott Tuke

Artist: Henry Scott Tuke

A sailing ship is being battered by a storm. Men man the pumps looking up anxiously as the sails are torn away.

Source File: Here : 1,636 × 2,259 pixels.

PD Proof : In Famous Paintings selected from the world’s great galleries and reproduced in colour Vol. 2 plate 3

Comment: Great cover for a suitable book featuring a storm at sea.

The Gulf Stream – Winslow Homer

Artist: Winslow Homer

In a rough sea, a small boat with a broken mast tosses on the waves. A man stripped to the waist lies athwart the deck. Sharks circle and in the distance a waterspout approaches.

Source File: Here : 3881 × 2372 pixels.

PD Proof : In Masterpieces of American Painting, plate 24 (It has also been released by the Metropolitan Museum under a CC1.0 license).

Comment: A dramatic scene. The image is wide and high-resolution, could be cropped many different ways.

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The Nitrate Ship – Thomas Somerscales

Artist: Thomas Somerscales

A sailing ship with full sails heads towards us on a calm sea.

Source File: Here : 623 x 470 pixels.

PD Proof : In Royal Academy 1908 p.35

Comment: Good PD paintings of sailing ships are very hard to come by. The resolution of the source here is very low, but perhaps acceptable after some processing (see this version processed by Topaz Gigapixel). It would be good for any book dealing with the sailing era.

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