Men of the Docks – George Wesley Bellows

Artist: George Wesley Bellows

A waterfront scene. On the water is a large ocean liner with a tug. In the foreground are workers and a pair of horses.

Source File: Here : 5935 x 4226 pixels.

PD Proof : In The International Studio V.49 p250

Comment: Great for any novel set on the waterfront, or even on board a liner. It was painted about the same year as the Titanic went down. This is a wide, high-resolution image, could be cropped many ways, for example, to zoom in on just the liner.

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The Nitrate Ship – Thomas Somerscales

Artist: Thomas Somerscales

A sailing ship with full sails heads towards us on a calm sea.

Source File: Here : 623 x 470 pixels.

PD Proof : In Royal Academy 1908 p.35

Comment: Good PD paintings of sailing ships are very hard to come by. The resolution of the source here is very low, but perhaps acceptable after some processing (see this version processed by Topaz Gigapixel). It would be good for any book dealing with the sailing era.

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Moonrise – Caspar David Friedrich

Artist: Caspar David Friedrich

Three figures sit on the rocks next to a sea shore at night. Moonlight shows two sailing boats off the coast.

Source File: Here : 1616 x 1234 pixels (based on a screen grab).

PD Proof : In Caspar David Friedrich by Otto Fischer

Comment: Dreamy scene in the days of sailing ships. Suitable for some nautical tale?

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La Mer Orageuse – Gustave Courbet

Artist: Gustave Courbet

A rowing boat sits at the shore of a raging sea. In the sea is a small boat with an orange sail. Storm clouds gather.

Source File: Here : 3,337 × 2,410 pixels.

PD Proof : In The History of Modern Painting (1907) p. 412

Comment: Could be good for a novel about sea-faring or piracy?

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