Men of the Docks – George Wesley Bellows

Artist: George Wesley Bellows

A waterfront scene. On the water is a large ocean liner with a tug. In the foreground are workers and a pair of horses.

Source File: Here : 5935 x 4226 pixels.

PD Proof : In The International Studio V.49 p250

Comment: Great for any novel set on the waterfront, or even on board a liner. It was painted about the same year as the Titanic went down. This is a wide, high-resolution image, could be cropped many ways, for example, to zoom in on just the liner.

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Moonrise – Caspar David Friedrich

Artist: Caspar David Friedrich

Three figures sit on the rocks next to a sea shore at night. Moonlight shows two sailing boats off the coast.

Source File: Here : 1616 x 1234 pixels (based on a screen grab).

PD Proof : In Caspar David Friedrich by Otto Fischer

Comment: Dreamy scene in the days of sailing ships. Suitable for some nautical tale?

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La Mer Orageuse – Gustave Courbet

Artist: Gustave Courbet

A rowing boat sits at the shore of a raging sea. In the sea is a small boat with an orange sail. Storm clouds gather.

Source File: Here : 3,337 × 2,410 pixels.

PD Proof : In The History of Modern Painting (1907) p. 412

Comment: Could be good for a novel about sea-faring or piracy?

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